Nazi Germany

This is the Glogster that Jero, Fran, Lucas and I did about the Olympics in Berlin in 1936.

Martín Leguizamon’s speech

Martín talked about his experience visiting the Nazi concentration and extermination camps in Poland. He also talked about the Shoá.

Our visit to “El Museo del Holocausto”

Last but not least, we went to “El Museo del Holocausto” where we saw a testimony from a Greek survivor of Aushwitz that came to Argentina. Then, we had a guided tour of the museum. These are some photos of what you can see in the museum.


2 pensamientos en “Nazi Germany

  1. Good work overall, Santi.

    It’s a pity you don’t include your opinion on any of the different activities we did. Your post in only descriptive.

    6.5 (Six fifty)

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